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OK im gonna,,,

2008-04-19 19:58:14 by wjimmyw

Post the last two today and narf stop telling me not to post them so fast cause i was up till 11 last nite trying to make them into flashes and stuff.
and plus ive only got 20 days of trial left so i wanna do it a bit quickly.


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2008-04-19 22:02:18

fuck narf he thinks hes is big and bad ok that guy hate's people when they post bad cartoons so fuck him. i only got 6 days of ban left i will seen you in there soon ok.

wjimmyw responds:

Alright,for you it might have only been narf but for me it was more flipboi117.
but narf can be annoying sometimes.


2008-04-19 22:21:35

for the last time... im trying to help you improve!!

the last collab took me 2 months to complete the flash work! that's all I'm trying to say!

get over it!

wjimmyw responds:

Fuck you im done with ur stupid pivot shitass showcase