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Stupid showcase...

2008-04-20 21:08:39 by wjimmyw

Those pivot showcase faggots really piss me off.
They shun noobs and if any1 sticks up for one of them they are shunned with them.
like flip was writing some stupid story,and he's allways dis liked me so i thought it would be a good chance to patch things up so i asked if i could be in it,and he said i even offered to be some sort of kill dummy.just so that i could patch things up.and he said no.
and he once again badmouthed me.
Its really pissing me off so i spoke out against him.
Narf starts acting like flips the little guy who hasn't done anything, so i made a list of all the things that flip has said to me within the last 4 months.
and he still took flips side.and just like when i started the blocked me out of theyre little group.
And do you wanna see the list of all the things flip said?

1:No, you fucking shitwad
2:because you sucked
3:hate your goddam stupidity.
4:I still don't like you
5: I really hate you and your crappy animations
6:his name is gay, just like yours
7:Why don't you go crawl in a hole and die?
8:you're visiting the retard house
9:...fucking noob
10: bitch of his, jimmy.
11:you fucking retard
12:Get the fuck out of here
13:You're a loser
14:fucking noob
15:you idiot
And the list continues

For now i cant be stuffed hanging around those fags.
i betcha now theyre gonna post on here and be going blah blah you suck,and hank will stick up for me and that random guy betty will say "FUCK YOU BITCH"
and ill just reply to them and just say fuk you.not including hank of course.
oh well heres some random pivot i made ages ago.

Stupid showcase...


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2008-04-21 03:47:49

hhahahahah so you want a spam battle huh ya faget?

you will not win ill give you a chance to not spam me again.

if you do you will never see a post without spam again :D now heres 3 comments ..faget

wjimmyw responds:

hello you misspelt faggot
I belive in a sense of being even after doing the exact same things to eachother.
but obviously you can't comprehend that.


2008-04-21 05:58:39

First of all, let me make it clear that I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

That said, you'll be better off in the end if you take the high road and let it go.

wjimmyw responds:

will do


2008-04-21 12:18:13

lol, hank can't spam for shit. you do know that right? so if you make him stand up for you, you're better off slapping peaple witha dead fish.

btw, you look like Shya Labuff. (that guy form transofmers)

wjimmyw responds:

you mean my image right.
I was trying to go emo for the holidays, didnt work too well


2008-04-21 12:57:14

oh, i didn't know that was the list of what flip was saying...

you wrote it out like it was a list of insults your were comming up with to make fun of flip

were all those via pm? because i didnt see that many from him on the showcase

still i'd still of stook up for him because we were going a good 2 pages without fights and u went all anal with the flip attacks. It just came out of no where, and I was all like wtf?

i get why your pissed now, my bad more miss reading. But keep it on the pm system next time.

wjimmyw responds:

yeah that was what i was trying to do but he banned me and continued to send me posts.
I dont ban ppl i just dont so i thought we could settle it in the open so others can just say shut up flip and shut up james you know?


2008-04-21 14:15:37

oshit, FLIPBOI was the one who said all that? woops. sorry, I take back everyhing I said. but like... ignore him I guess.

wjimmyw responds:

yeah ill try but sometimes things just piss me off


2008-04-22 00:47:25

dude this go back to pivot showcase ok.

wjimmyw responds: