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Well here i am again!

2008-04-22 02:41:43 by wjimmyw

As I said before I am pretty pissed at the showcase.
But i have seen some good in them.
Just before ilandman11 apologised to me.
Im not sure why but he did.Im grateful for it though.
But whats really funny is that ape4 got angry!
which no-one has ever seen before.
So even if ilandman apologised,I still consider myself fucked beyond belief.
Also ive made a new pivot and it runs fairly smoothly on 20 fps!
which is a lot better than my usual 10 fps.Im going to make it into a flash
My mums really pissed at me right now so if im not online for a while its probably cause im banned from the laptop.
oh well,cya pplz.


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2008-04-22 04:00:49


wjimmyw responds:

good for you first comment